Apr 6, 2014

French IndoChine Escape : Day 02

After a night of madness, of paying respect to the lip syncing queens in Si Lom, and eating fried chicken feet by the temple, Alex and i took a taxi to the boarders of Cambodia.
It was like a 3 hour ride, the back seat of the car all by ourselves for 2000 Baht.. 
How fabulous!

We had one stop over around lunch time and reach the boarder around 5pm..
after the boarder it was another 2 to 3 hours taxi ride to Siem Reap 
(again its more or less 2000 Baht)..

Check out my photolog here :

My gastronomic testimony shall follow on the next post..

I left my heart in Cambodia..

Mar 26, 2014

The Art of Fashion - LIVE!

WATCH THE SPLASH S/S 2014 FASHION SHOW : The Art of Fashion live on the 28th of March - www.splashfashions.com/fashionshow

If you cant make it to Studio City on the 28th of March you can see the shows live online, wherever you are in the world!!! Timings are at 5:30, 7:30 and 10:30 PM. No excuse to miss it! :D

Mar 13, 2014

73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

It is still hard for me to dissociate her with Carrie Bradshaw..
Love her to bits and this is why..
Scripted or not this is fun!

Have a wonderful Thursday..

Mar 12, 2014

Splash S/S 2014 : The Art of Fashion

Splash it taking a break from the usual Madinat scene and moving to Gallery 03 in Dubai Studio City.. Are you excited with the relocation? I am!

See you all on the 28th!